Aboriginal Health

Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre

Located in Medina, Moorditj Koort is here to support health and wellness for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in the Kwinana and Rockingham area. 

Moorditj Koort is local Noongar language for "Solid Heart", much like our vision to have our local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community healthy and strong in mind and body. 



     Address: 150 Gilmore Avenue, Medina

     Phone: 6595 8950

     Email: info@moorditjkoort.com.au






Our programs are designed to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with their health. For more information on what types of services Moorditj Koort provides, please see below.



Care Coordination Program

If you have a long term health condition, our Care Coordination Program can help you manage your health.  Your GP will need to refer you to the program and you will then be able to receive:

  • Arrangement of health services as per your care plan
  • Transport to and from your appointments
  • Assistance with your treatment regime
  • Discussion of your care plan and arrange regular reviews

Our Care Coordinators work with you to help you stay on track and manage your long term condition.


Aboriginal Maternal Health Program

Having a baby?  This program supports Aboriginal mothers or those having Aboriginal babies, their partners and families throughout the pregnancy. This program offers:

  • Transport to all antenatal appointments
  • Home visiting (midwife) 
  • Cultural and emotional support
  • General advice, liaison and referral between services
  • Ambulance cover
  • Group antenatal education on site


School Based Health Assessment Program

Does your child go to Medina Primary School, Leda Primary School or Gilmore College? Did you know that, with your permission, the School Health Check team from Moorditj Koort will provide them health checks?  We will be in touch if any follow-up is required, help you link to to other health services providers like the dentist or community health and give the students the chance to discuss any health concerns with their family.


Outreach and Transport

If you need help getting to any health  appointments, including specialists, your doctor or services like the dentist, with 24 hours notice, we can drive you to and from these services between 8.00 am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

If you are registered with the Care Coordination program, more transport options, including fuel and taxi vouchers, are also available.


This service will help you improve your health and lifestyle. Our dietitian will help increase your confidence in making better food choices and to meet your eating goals. You will also achieve life-long weight loss techniques and improved energy levels through diet and exercise programs.


Diabetes Education

Diabetes Educators are available on a weekly basis in house with no wait time for appointments. Our Diabetes Educator will also liaise with your doctor to ensure continued care.



A consultant pharmacist is available and can provide you with the following services:
  • Discussion about your medications in a private and comfortable environment
  • Comprehensive (or brief) information about what certain medications are for and how they work
  • General health discussions with a culturally aware pharmacist
  • Talk you through any issues with prescribed medications and liaise with your doctor if necessary
  • Information about how vitamins and herbs, or anything purchased without a prescription, may affect your health or your medicines



Stepahead Podiatry specialises in delivering professional care to maintain good health in foot care. This service is recommended if you have sore, tired, aching feet and legs, thickened or ingrowing toenails or painful corns & calluses. Diabetic patients should always get their toenails cut by a podiatrist.  

This service is available every second Thursday.


Moorditj Djena Podiatry and Diabetes Education

This free service is available for people living with diabetes and experiencing problems with their feet. Come and see an Aboriginal diabetes educator and get your feet checked by a senior podiatrist. No appointment is necessary.


Drug and Alcohol Counselling

A specialist visits Moorditj Koort every second Thursday and offers a private and confidential setting for your peace of mind. 

Asthma Education

This service provides education and support for people with asthma, their families or carers. The service is able to assist you with your asthma care plan to better manage your asthma.  One-on-one or family education is available.


Respiratory Testing

If you are a smoker or an ex-smoker, or an asthmatic, then a quick respiratory test (15-20mins) is encouraged. This service is available to all Medicare Card holders aged 6 years and above.



Our visiting specialist visits Moorditj Koort every three months, which means that  you will see the same doctor each time to become familiar with them. There is no charge for this service and free transport to your appointment is available if you need it.


Renal Specialist

This specialist visits Moorditj Koort every 2-3 months, with the assurance that you will see the same doctor each time to become familiar with them. There is no charge for this service and free transport to your appointment is available if required.